This is not an all inclusive list of groups and due to a lack of time to update (as well as groups not shutting down sites or informing anyone they are no longer investigating) many of these links and groups may no longer be active.

About This List

I have attempted to create a list of as many active teams that are taking client centered cases that investigate in the state of Ohio (and are based in Ohio) as possible (I have made some exceptions, but stick to these guidelines as close as possible). The list is for clients and investigators alike and contains name, website, group's home city as well as contact information if applicable.

For the client, this will give you access to groups within the state of Ohio. Be warned, however, not all groups are created equal and we take no responsibility for the actions of the groups on this list as we are not affiliated with anyone on this list (though we may network or even work with anyone from time to time).

For investigators, this gives you a better sense of who your neighbors are in case you were not aware and provides you with contact information so that groups can network and share knowledge, information and potentially case overflow.

On April 28, 2012, I removed 48 groups from the list, February 18, 2013, I removed 35 groups, January 2014 a dozen, and August 2, 2015, I removed another 40. In March of 2019 I removed 37 groups. While I do the best I can I am not able to update this webstie frequently and I am not responsible for the content on this site that is provided by groups. If you see a group that belongs here please use the link at the bottom of this page to let me know.

The list

This list is copyright © 2011-2019, Ohio Paranormal Investigation Network @ GhostHelp.Net. If you wish to have this list on your site proper credit must be given to us and the link to this website must be used. Also note that this list changes frequently.

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